Stuart Martin Audio

World-class mixing for discerning audiences and artists.

From intimate acoustic portraits or orchestral panoramas to high-impact rock projects, we utilize a ProTools HD2 system that is integrated with our 32 channel Rupert Neve 5088 console, an extensive selection of outboard gear, and our phenomenal Barefoot MM12 monitors and B&W 800D speakers.  Mixing is, quite simply, our "reason for being".
We capture incredible performances in one of several rooms with a selection of over 100 microphones and a range of high-end preamps connected to our Rupert Neve 5088 console.
Focus on the Song.
Stonebridge Studios is a full-service audio facility for recording, mixing, and mastering music and voice-over.  Stuart Martin's decades of audio engineering expertise and performance experience will ensure that your album or project develops into a final result your audience will connect deeply with.​​​​

Twenty minutes from Dulles airport, the studio feels like a reclusive retreat while still providing access to the DC-Metro area.  Stuart has helped international and domestic artists find their "sound" at Stonebridge Studios.

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With a wide array of analog and digital mastering tools, we offer a master that compliments your audio goals.  Indeed, our work has helped artists win international awards.  Whether you hear your songs on satellite radio, terrestrial radio, streaming services, or your friend's CD player, your music will sound fantastic.

Studio Scenes

Producing and mixing are our passions.  Our goal is to provide sonic tapestries
which passionately connect your audience to you.
The heart of our studio is the 32 channel Rupert Neve 5088 which offers the sonics and workflow that result in world-class mixes.
We feature an extensive selection of outboard gear to help craft mixes that stand out.
Sometimes a straight wire provides the best sound.  For the other times, we have the gear that offers euphonic control.
If you want to sound like a 1940's radio show, we have a wide-range of mics (l​ike the AEA 440) and expertise that can get you there.  Of course, we can "do it modern", too.
Playbacks are intense.